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New Website!

So, a series of unfortunate events caused my old website to disappear from the interwebs. There has been a weird one page placeholder for a few weeks, but here I am, up and live again.

Hint - save your passwords somewhere on paper, despite the fact that every security advice person tells you never to do that. Firefox updated, and all my cookies were gone, so the login for a 6 year old website was gone. THEN, when I tried to use the recover password function on wordpress, it said it was emailing me, but no email ever arrived. (google says this is a common problem) so I tried to recover a different way, but apparently I needed to have two step authentication set up - a function that wasn't available 6 years ago when I originally set up the website. So mucking about with other website builders, I linked my URL to one, but was only able to make a front page. So long story short - new website.

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